Silvia Garrison Name: Silvia Chance GarrisonAge: 24 (July 17)Height: 62.6" (159.2 cm)Hair: Curly chocolate brown (just below her ears)Eyes: GreenHobbies: Reading about Protadon lore and spells, drinking, and adventuring with Sebastian.Likes: Reading, Distail, food, music, and exploring new places.Dislikes: Ghosts, large crowds or public speaking, being left out, and overly complicated things or situations.

Sebastian Dalca Name: Sebastian Sebian Dalca Age: Over 500 (looks 23)Height: 69.2" (175 cm)Hair: Raven black hair (usually swept back)Eyes: SilverHobbies: Adventuring with Silvia, playing the banjo, and getting attacked by anything really. Likes: Sparring, history, music, his friends, and some damn peace and quiet.Dislikes: Being helpless, the royal family, war, Protadons, loosing people close... Continue Reading →

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