Barghests: These beasts don’t look much different than the stray dog other  than the bloodshot eyes bulging from their sockets. In the wild, they are often seen running through plains, grasslands and on stormy nights. It is said their cries foretell death and more often than not, the death of one of their victims.

Family lineage: A family lineage is what Protadons use instead of last names, and is represented by a symbol that can be found on the tattoo of a family member. Some examples of famous family lineages are: Destin, Proval, Chance, Galos, Remas, Erei, Iquid, Shifter, and Vasilias.

Inua: The soul that can be found in every Protadon, mythical creature, and any living thing that has a connection to the Watchmaker. Often seen as a blue flame or blue aura that is only visible to those who strengthen their own Inua. They are what give Protadons their magical abilities, a way to power their machinery, and long life.

Protadons: Protadons are said to be the Creator’s first creations and once lived on earth alongside mythical creatures that have passed on into legend. They look eerily similar to humans, but have a few distinctive traits that differentiate them. Protadons are said to have silver eyes that seem to glow, ram horns that sprout from their foreheads, and a tattoo on their back that is unique to each individual. 

Watchmaker: The creator and answer to all that is.

Watch-Speak: The ancient dialect once used by Protadons when they worshiped the Watchmaker.

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