The Prison

The Prison is an interrelated world that suppresses Protadons “magical abilities” and is much smaller than the Earth and the rest of the known universe. The Watchmaker made it when the Protadons disobeyed his instructions and where he permanently banished them. While the Prison isn’t a horrible place to live, it does however suppress the... Continue Reading →

War of Worlds

In the beginning there was only Protadons and their magical creatures. In their eyes, everything was perfect until humans and their own animals came into existence. The Watchmaker instructed the Protadons to guide the humans as they matured, hoping they could all live in peace. Yet it would never happen when the overwhelming pride within the Protadons... Continue Reading →


Protadons are the Creator's first creations, and once lived alongside mythical creatures on Earth. They have an almost identical appearance to humans except for a few distinguishable traits that differentiate them.

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