About Descendants and Champions

Twenty-four year old Silvia Chance Garrison, having grown up in a small town in Ontario, Canada and being neglected all her life didn’t see herself as anything special. A chance meeting with Sebastian Dalca changes all of that, however, when she is whisked away to The Prison and learns more about her heritage and a world that lays not far beyond.

Sebastian Dalca, a being known as a Protadon (the Creator’s first creations) flees from his past. He’s lost everything except his will to fight and is far from ready to give up. Now stuck in The Prison with Silvia, he must face what his people have become, and stop a disastrous plan that could wipe out both humans and Protadons alike.

Follow Silvia and Sebastian as they struggle against destiny, an entire civilization, and their own internal battles. Will they be able to save both worlds, or see to their own self-destruction by the end?

About Elizabeth Frei 

A weirdo that likes to write, play the violin and imagine entire worlds in her head. I’d like to consider myself as a bookworm, major geek and professional procrastinator. While I mainly writes fantasy, I’ll sometimes write science fiction, adventure and the occasional sci-fi mystery erotica (not actually….please don’t ask me to write that). Descendants and Champions is my first web serial.

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