A Compass Points The Way

Part 9

Sebastian fished in Silvia’s pocket for the compass, so he could get a good look at it. He opened the instrument to reveal the arrow pointing east—which was directly behind him.  He pulled the human onto his back as fast as possible, which wasn’t difficult with her petite body type. The Protadon backed away before running in the direction the cursor pointed to. He heard the higher up Protadon yell something, followed by the bushes rustling and he quickened his pace. When he broke out from the brush, he ran to the nearby four-way stop, and took off down the street that traveled east. Sebastian looked over and saw Fernando and Adelina just coming into view, their silver eyes staring at him with a menacing glower. The road lead to a cul-de-sac and an opening into the forest. He darted into the underbrush, hoping the cover from the trees would hide him from the Protadons not far behind.

After a few minutes of hacking his way through the dense forest, Sebastian caught sight of the gate. It appeared as an old abandoned shack, covered in vines and other green life. The shattered windows and rusted hinges on the door, barely keeping it attached to the entryway revealed how isolate the structure was from everything. The gatekeeper supposedly guarding the doorway had disappeared, and he thanked the Watchmaker for their stroke of good luck. He heard the shouts from numerous Protadons too close for his liking as he rushed into the shack and discovered a stone pedestal that awaited him. He dropped Silvia down next to it, glad to have the weight finally off his back. The final step was to place the compass in the indent atop the podium while making sure the human and himself had a hand on it. It would carry them to the realm of his people and for the time being keep them safe from danger.

However, this meant that this would potential be Sebastian’s last goodbye to his life on Earth—the land he had been born and raised in. His papa had always talked of the world Protadons lived in as cruel and capable of sucking your very soul out. It terrified him to leave the rolling hills, filled with tall grass and flowers as far as the eye could see. The fresh, salty sea air in the early morning. The smell of his mama’s home cooked breakfast with his family, as the sun bathed the kitchen in a golden glow.

No, that died when my family did. They were my everything, but they’re gone, Sebastian thought to himself.  

All there was for him on Earth now were bittersweet memories that would haunt him while he slept. The best he could do was remember them for the kind and caring people they were and carry on. He wiped the tears that begun to form in the corners of his eyes, and reminded himself that the time for grieving must come after he got Silvia to safety.

Sebastian made sure that Silvia’s hand and his own were atop the compass, and waited for the gate to activate. The engravings on the side of the pedestal glowed blue and blinked brighter and brighter. He saw the face of Fernando when he entered the shack, the Protadon just a second too late. The blinding flash of light went off, and the gate carried them from Earth to another world.

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