A Compass Points The Way

Part 8

Silvia stared at him in disbelief for what felt like minutes, but was merely a handful of seconds. She opened her mouth to say something, ready to tear him a new one for scaring the crap out of her. Without warning, he lunged at her and put his fingers to her temples, making her pass out. He dragged the human into the bushes with limited difficulty and turned to go back for the bike, but loud series of voices coming around the corner made him stay put. A male and a female who looked akin to Silvia’s age came into view, both looking equally annoyed with the other. They were for sure Protadons, and that meant others of his kind weren’t far behind.

“I can’t believe you lost her!” the girl yelled.

“I lost her? You’re the one that let her leave when we could’ve easily killed her. You’re also the one that promised Abac that we’d bring the gatekeeper in!” the male shouted back.

“Where did she even go? Her bike is right here.”

“Maybe one of the others already got a hold of her?”

She shook her head. “No. We would have gotten the signal by now—that infamy of a Protadon must’ve found her.”

The compass that Silvia had picked up would cause a decent amount distortion so the twins wouldn’t be able to detect the two hiding in the bushes. Now it was just a matter of getting to the gate the instrument opened unscathed. If they could get to the gate, then they could reach the Protadon’s home world.

When the human had taken off, Sebastian had continued to search the theater. The Black Aliquid left behind nothing besides sheets and clothing, smart enough not to leave anything of value while the place was vacant. The bodies that floated overhead were of no use because they were most definitely dead and kept as trophies. They were a sadistic force of destruction that worked under the rule of the Protadons that took charge of his world. They had freewill to do whatever they pleased so long as it didn’t interfere with the higher up’s plans. It was all luck that had allowed Sebastian to escape their grasp, and now it was a mad dash to see who got to the gate first.

Luck, however, was not on their side when another Protadon appeared. He definitely did not appear happy. His face twisted in fury and a heavy sense of dread surrounded him. He wasn’t their leader, thank the Watchmaker, but Sebastian didn’t dare stay for long.

“Incompetent!” he shouted, throwing his hands in the air. “First you lose the Chance scum, now I lose the compass!”

Both Protadons stood at attention, their faces growing serious. Sebastian stared up at the higher ranking commander with fascination, and he decided it would be best to listen in on what they were saying—in case they revealed some important information.

The general held himself with an authority he took great pride in, and could be seen to some as arrogant. His pointed nose curled upwards and made it seem like an invisible force was holding him up by his abomination of a snout. He had lengthy, brown ram horns resembling a pair of twigs, and long, stringy black hair slicked back by pure willpower and gallons of hair gel alone.

“We believe the Destin descendant took the gatekeeper’s daughter,” the male said, his voice trembling.

“And it would seem that I lost my compass when I pushed that gatekeeper into the street. The gatekeeper you were supposed to have fetched for Abac, Fernando.”

The higher up went to smack him before he could argue, but the female cut in before he wound back his hand.

“We know where the gatekeeper lives! If we wait for them to return, then we could ambush them there—plus we’d be getting your compass back.

“You think they would be stupid enough to go back there, Adelina? For all we know, they’ve already made their way towards the gate!”

Sebastian took that as his cue to leave, and receded further back into the bushes.

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