A Compass Points The Way

Part 5

That struck her as an odd request and looked up, not thinking much of it. “Why would I freak-”

The words died on Silvia’s tongue when she saw bodies hanging from the ceiling. They weren’t exactly “hanging”, more like being suspended by an invisible force high off the ground. Their eyes were closed, and their heads hung limp like being suspended in the air bored them. Their skin was pale from lack of sunlight, and they all had ram horns similar to Sebastian’s that stuck out from their foreheads.

It was also the last straw for Silvia.

“That’s it! I’ve had enough for today!” she shouted, before turning around to walk out of the auditorium. “I’m going home.”

“You can’t go!” he said, blocking the exit. “Your life is in danger.”

Silvia tried to maneuver around him. “Yet here we are, out in the middle of nowhere, crazy markings written on the wall, and bodies hanging from the ceiling! Don’t you think this isn’t the tiniest bit insane?”

Sebastian seemed to struggle for a response. He flailed his arm in the air while his mouth opened and closed, as he tried to form a sentence. When he didn’t have an answer, she ducked underneath his arm to step out into the hallway.

“I’m going home.”

The doorway Sebastian had created was still open, and Silvia was thankful that she wouldn’t have to walk back in and ask for him to let her out. The theater loomed over her like a menacing shadow as she picked up her bike, the image of floating bodies forever implanted in her head. She was glad this would be the last time she ever saw Sebastian and could go back to how things were. Back when there were no such things as demon dogs and strange men cloaked in black.

Silvia peddled down the sidewalk, destination her community college. She waited until she was a good two blocks away before she got off from her bike and walked with it in tow. She needed time to figure things out and walking would allow her to focus more on her train of thought and not on peddling. Her shoulders loosened the closer she got to a more populated section of town, and she felt herself being able to breathe a little easier.

While it had been a bit overwhelming, Silvia admitted that she would miss the rush of excitement Sebastian brought with him. He was something new, that had her longing for something beyond the little canadian town she lived in. Perhaps she would cross paths with him again….or she could turn back and continue searching the theatre with him. It wasn’t too late for her to change her mind. If she wanted, she could continue following him and unravel the enigma he was. It was just a matter of gathering her courage and walking the opposite way.

Lost in reflection, she didn’t notice the person rounding the corner just as she did. He was dressed in a black hoodie and jeans, and was considerably taller than her. She made eye contact with him, noting his silver eyes. With his tall frame, he knocked her off of the sidewalk, and she only had a moment to wonder if he had done it on purpose before a car appeared.

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