A Compass Points The Way

Part 4

“Fine, but only for a few minutes,” Silvia caved. “I don’t want to be in the theater when they get back.”

Sebastian smiled in eagerness and grabbed the human’s forearm to pull her over to the front doors of the abandoned movie theater. She watched with a childlike fascination as the Protadon swung his arm in an arch and recreated the blue archway from before. His fingertips emitted the azure light, and his eyes were closed as he muttered in concentration. The doorway opened, and he waltzed in like he owned the building, with Silvia following behind him.

Initially, nothing looked out of place or that people had been living there. She took out her phone to use as a flashlight, but Sebastian seemed to have no trouble walking in the dark. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs from years of neglect, and the more they explored the handful of auditoriums, the more Silvia’s doubts grew. It was only when they entered the auditorium at the very back of the theater, that she was left in a state of wonder. The first thing she noted were the almost mad scrawling of markings she couldn’t understand. They seemed burned into the wall and pulsated with a thumping energy of blue light—like the kind she’d seen earlier in Sebastian’s veins. She watched as he dragged his fingertips across them and mumbled the words out loud to himself.

“They sound like orders, but from who?” he said out loud to no one in particular.

“So who are we dealing with here?” Silvia asked, hoping that she could get a straight answer out of him for once. “I mean I know they aren’t from around here, but you appear to understand more about the situation. Considering you’re so keen on snooping around their hideout of sorts.”

Sebastian didn’t respond immediately, and his face twisted like he was deciding on something in his mind. She waited a minute until he spoke.

“They’re called the Black Aliquid, and they killed my family,” he confessed without much emotion.

“Whoa! Okay! That came out of nowhere….”

At least Silvia now understood his motive for why he wanted to sneak into the theater.

“They’re a group of ruthless killers from my world,” he continued, “and had been chasing my father for decades. It was only a matter of time before they caught him.”

He said the last part with a slight tremble in his voice, and Silvia didn’t press any further since it seemed like Sebastian had said all he willing to say. She glanced worriedly at his pale and pained expression before turning her attention back to the auditorium.

The next thing she took notice of were the bundles of blankets tossed over the hard theater seats, that made it look like there were more Protadons living here than they originally thought. The auditorium could hold over a hundred people, but why they needed so much space, Silvia wouldn’t know why. They definitely weren’t human, so what were they doing on Earth, no less Canada of all places? Were they the same as Sebastian?

“Silvia,” he started saying. “I want you to look at the ceiling, but promise me you won’t freak out.”

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