A Compass Points The Way

Part 3

After getting something to eat, Sebastian and Silvia pulled out the bikes in the garage. He said they had to make a quick stop before setting out to his grandfather’s and the human let him lead the way. She was becoming increasingly concerned of how much trust she was willing to put in the latter.

The leaves crinkled under the wheels of their bikes as they flew down the sidewalk. Sebastian peddled fast, and the other wondered why he was in such a rush. The air was crisp, and the type of cold that reddened the tip of Silvia’s nose and ears. The Protadon lead them further away from the center of town, and towards an area she had never been in before. The streets were becoming less crowded and the unusual silence was eerie. They turned left onto a dead-end street, coming face to face with an abandoned movie theater. Sebastian slammed on his breaks which almost had Silvia crashing into him.

“Hey! Why’d you stop?”

Instead of answering her, he got off his bike and went into the nearby bushes. She followed suit and crouched down next to him. She watched him pull out a small telescope that looked to be made of bronze, with lines of silver spiraling around the instrument.

“That’s beautiful! Where did you get it?” she asked, her eyes wide with wonder.

“It’s been passed down in my family for generations,” he explained, not taking his eye away from the telescope.

They stayed crouched for a few minutes while she struggled to see what Sebastian could possibly be looking at. When she spotted no movement coming from the abandoned movie theater, she huffed and turned to him.

“What are we even looking for?”

“Here,” the Protadon said, handing the telescope over to her. “Tell me what you see.”

Silvia took the instrument from his hand, handling it with care because she was afraid that she’d drop it and put it up to her eye. It didn’t even take a minute before she pulled it away from her face with a look of annoyance.

“There’s nothing. It’s just black!”

Sebastian snatched it from her hands, studying over it with disappointment. “Pity, I thought you might be able to use it.”

“What do you mean use it? You can’t see anything out of that thing,” she reminded him.

“It’s because you’re not using it properly.”

Without warning, an arch of blue light appeared on the wooden boards that blocked the doors of the movie theater. The wood within the archway disappeared, creating a doorway, and figures cloaked in black stepped out from the cinema. Silvia stared in shock as they stood in front of the theater talking amongst themselves. In a blinding flash of black and white, what they wore changed into modern day clothes. Besides the silver, expressionless eyes they passed as normal people. After they altered their appearance, they walked down the street and towards town.

“Great, now that they’re gone we can look inside their hideout,” Sebastian said with batted excitement, as he got up from his crouched position.

The human shook her head. “There’s no way I’m going in there!”

She stood up from the ground and grabbed her bike that rested against the tree behind them. The Protadon, however, wasn’t having any of it and held the bike back in its place.

“You’re not even a little curious of what is happening in the movie theater? Who knows what we’ll discover?” he pressed. “We’re bound to find some cool stuff in there.”

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