Hounds At Their Heels

Part 5

The boy stopped what he was doing at once and turned to the large garage door with fear evident on his face. A loud bang echoed as something slammed against the garage door, along with the snarling of barghests as their claws scratched at metal. The creatures scraped against the door for a few more minutes, until it eventually stopped and they couldn’t hear anything, except for the sound of their heavy breathing.

“They’re gone!” the boy cried, “but why?” he asked himself, before going rigid.

Still shell-shocked, Silvia didn’t respond and stared as the boy’s eyes widen comically when the answer dawned on him. He turned to face her and took slow, calculated step towards her as if approaching a spooked animal. She backed away until she hit the edge of the desk, not sure what the boy was trying to pull. She tried to slap away his hands as they reached to grab the sides of her face. He pressed his fingers to her temples, before removing them like he had been burned.

“What the hell was that for?” she shouted.

Silvia didn’t like people getting in her personal spaceㅡespecially so when it was someone who she’d just metㅡand the boy wasn’t an exception.

“Maybe a coincidence?” he muttered to himself. “Do you have a middle name?”

He wasn’t making any sense to Silvia although nothing that had happened so far seemed to make much sense either. It tempted her to curl up on the hard concrete floor of the garage and forget everything.

“Yeah, my middle name is Chance.”

His eyes widened, and he took a step back. “This isn’t good…I need to leave now!”

She watched the boy make a beeline for the door, but cut him off before his hand reached the door handle.

“What’s wrong? Why is this bad? You haven’t been making sense this whole damn time!” Silvia’s voice rose in volume because of all her pent up frustration.

She was tired and drunk, but something was nudging her. Something told her there was more to this, that she had stumbled across something big and she needed to know. Why her of all people had met this strange boy?

As opposed to answering Silvia, the boy shoved her out of the way, knocking her to the ground. When he placed his hand on the handle, Silvia wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him down, making it so he remained incapable of opening the door. He tried to pry Silvia who sat heavy on his legs off, but couldn’t because of the firm hold on his wrists.

“Get off me!” he yelled, trying to worm his legs free.

“If you go out there, then you’ll be ambushed by barghests! Why take that chance?” she asked, still clutching the other’s wrists.

He sighed in defeat and stopped struggling underneath her hold. “You don’t understand-”

“You’re right, I don’t understand!” she let go of his legs and stood up. “So why don’t we settle down, and you can explain to me what’s going on?”

The boy opened his mouth to respond, but the door suddenly swinging open interrupted himㅡrevealing Silvia’s dad standing in the doorway. Judging by the looks of him, he was definitely not in a good mood. With arms crossed, he tapped his foot impatiently.

“Silvia Chance Garrison,” he said, pausing after each word for dramatic effect. His voice was unnervingly calm for someone who had been woken up at one in the morning. “Explain to me what you are doing in the garage making so much noise?”

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