Hounds At Their Heels

Part 3

A random man from the crowd walked forward. “You should really get to a hospital. I don’t even know how you’re standing up right now.”

Silvia saw the boy open his mouth, his expression looking like he was ready to tell him to piss off, so she stepped in before a retort was given.

“I’ll take him, you guys can stay here. I don’t mind dealing with this,” she offered, staring between the two.

The man shrugged his shoulders before walking back into the crowd. The group seemed to like that idea very much since that meant they didn’t need to deal with the upsetting situation. Silvia thought it was concerning how fast they moved on from the odd boy, and continued smoking and laughing like nothing had happened.

She grabbed the boy’s arm and dragged him down the alleyway, towards a nearby street. He didn’t speak, but snickered as she tripped over her own feet, and almost fell to the ground. He reached out to catch Silvia in case she fell, and he must have caught a sniff of her scent because his face scrunched up in disgust.

“You’re drunk,” he stated. “You reek of alcohol and…is that pot?”

“What does it matter?” she snapped at him. “I didn’t actually smoke any!”

He didn’t respond, but diverted his attention to their surroundings and turned to her with a puzzled look. “Where are we?”

The boy was confusing her to no end, and Silvia determined whether she should leave him here and go home. The second choice was tempting, but curiosity was getting the better of her.

“Newby, Ontario.”

“Ontario?” he repeated to himself. “I’ve never heard of this country.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, baffled. “Ontario isn’t a-”

A howl erupted not far off from where they were standing, followed by a series of screams. The piercing noise was so loud, the boy and Silvia had to cover their ears to muffle the terrible sound. Chills went up her spine, and the terrified expression the latter wore wasn’t making her feel any better. She all but jumped out of her skin when the streetlights flickered.

“What the hell was that?” she shouted, her voice more high pitched than she would have preferred. “What just happened?”

“Barghests. They’ve already found me, and they must have discovered your friends.” The boy contemplated before he spun to face her with a pleading look. “You have to help me!”

“Why would I help you? What happened to the group back there?”

This guy was as crazy as this whole situation, Silvia thought.

The boy glanced over his shoulder before turning to her and taking a step closer. “It’s too late for them. Please, we have a limited amount of time, and it won’t be long before they lock on to our scent.”

Something just then emerged from the alleyway, making its presence known through the click of its claws against pavement. It stopped at the edge of the streetlight’s glow, glaring at them with a pair of terrifying, bloodshot eyes filled with hunger. The growl that stemmed from the creature resonated throughout Silvia’s body and caused a shiver that shook her core.

“That’s it! I’m out!” she shouted, as she threw her hands up in the air.

She turned around and ran. Much to her annoyance, the boy followed close behind her.

“Leave me alone!”

He looked as frantic as Silvia. “Please! That thing will rip both you and I apart until we’re nothing but bones. Since it has your scent, you’re in just as much trouble as I am now!”

“You ass!” she hissed in response. “I don’t know what you did to piss off those creatures, but don’t get me tangled up in whatever mess you’ve gotten yourself into!”

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