Hounds At Their Heels

Part 2

Silvia yanked her arm from the other’s grasp. “Why? Who are you, my dad?”

“Silvia,” Adelina said in a higher tone, trying not to give away her annoyance. “You obviously don’t seem well and you don’t look that great, so we’re going before you get any worse.”

She huffed at her pestering. “Adelina I’m fine! I don’t need you guys babysitting me all the time, I can take care of myself!”

The female twin was growing annoyed. Fernando glanced around like something would leap out at him.

Everyone else didn’t seem worried so why were they, Silvia thought.

Adelina growled in frustration before saying, “We have to-”

In that moment, a body fell from the sky with a thud that could have appeared comical—like the dummy they used for stunts in movies. They all stared at it in stunned silence before hovering over it, except for Fernando and Adelina who stayed near the outskirts of the crowd. Silvia still tipsy wondered if this was a drunken hallucination. She crouched next to the limp body and did the only logical idea that came to mind—poke it. When the person didn’t stir she poked it again, yet it remained lifeless.

Silvia got up as another person rolled it over onto its back. He bent forward to stick his palm underneath the body’s nose to check if they were still breathing. He then cried out when he noticed the small, dark blue ram horns protruding from its forehead. The body was of a boy’s about their age. He bore a thin, angular face, with swept back raven hair that had a few loose strands curling around his ears. For an unknown reason, his cheeks were stained with tears.

“He’s breathing!” the person announced. “But I guess he got stabbed or somethin’.”

At least he wasn’t dead, Silvia thought to herself. We all weren’t sober enough to handle a dead person.

She turned around to address Adelina or Fernando, but both had disappeared from the group. Someone had pulled out their phone to call for an ambulance only to curse when they got no service. A few others tried, but no one was getting anywhere. Silvia attempted a call on her own phone, but, all she received was the automated voice telling her they couldn’t complete the request. She frowned and called again. This time there was nothing but static.

The boy’s eyes suddenly flew open, revealing an unnatural blue color to them. They were red and puffy like someone who’d been crying, which explained the tear stains on his cheeks. He squinted as he adjusted to the bright street lights that shone over top of the group. He stood up like he hadn’t just fallen out of nowhere and dusted off his pants—the ram horns that stuck out from his forehead disappearing in the blink of an eye. As he looked around, he made eye contact with Silvia.

“Who are you?” he asked, his eyebrows knitted in confusion. “Where am I?”

“M-my name?” Silvia stuttered, confused by the entire situation.

He nodded.

“It’s Silvia. You fell out of the sky, so we tried to get help….”

The boy’s eyes widened in panic, as he reached for the phone in her hand. “No no, that’s fine! There’s no need for that,” he stammered.

She tried to hold the device out of the boy’s reach, which was impossible because of how much taller he was. Instead, she pocketed the phone and took in his appearance. His attire struck Silvia as strange, but then again, the entire series of events leading up to now had been odd. He wore a thin white long-sleeved shirt with black, satin knee-length shorts, and no shoes or socks. He must have been freezing, and it showed as he rubbed his palms up and down his biceps.

She searched the boy’s face for any signs he was joking. “You fell from the sky! You should be dead!”

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