At The Stroke Of Midnight

Part 2

“State your name and family lineage,” the chief elder commanded, his voice void of any emotion.

“Sebian Sebastian Dalca, of the Destin lineage,” he answered, avoiding the condescending stares of the elders.

Sebian was his Protadon name, or true name as some people called it. Most prefered it, but Sebastian felt it was too personal and refrained from using it.

The chief raised his hands up to his shoulders then extended them forwards, palms flexed like he was pushing the air in front of him. Sebastian felt like something was crawling its way up his throat.

“Sebian, you bear the mark of your family lineage as your ancestors have. Now, you shall wear it till the end of your days,” he pronounced as his eyes flickered shut.

Sebastian watched in awe as the small ram horns that protrude from their foreheads radiated with a blue glow. The light shot out from each individual, and connected like one giant spider web before meeting at the chief elder’s horns as a center point. The light then moved on to Sebastian’s own horns, and he felt pure energy thump all throughout his body. An unbearable pain flared up his spine like someone was carving into it. He cried out in torment and fell to his knees. He feared that if he turned to look at his back, blood would seep right through the thin shirt he wore.

“Midnight has struck, and you now wear the mark of your family lineage!”

The strain went from unbearable to unfathomable, and Sebastian screamed as his body writhed in agony. The blue light, better known as Inua which was the light or soul that resided in every ancient being was making its way down his spine. It would then infuse itself onto Sebastian’s back and creating markings. These markings would weave and form what path the Watchmaker had for him, and because of the connection formed with the elders they could read that path.

With Sebastian’s frame hunched forward and head hung limp, he would blackout only to wake up a few seconds afterward. He would later cry out in anguish and pass out once more. The wind had picked back up, and it howled, blowing the delicate flowers in every which way. Inky black clouds formed and swirled overhead as the sky rumbled with thunder. The elder’s eyes fluttered open after a few minutes and widened with fear. A bolt of lighting struck the ground near to where they had been standing, and the elder stepped back in surprise.

“No, that can’t be! That can’t possibly be you!” he cried.

Sebastian stared at the elder with tears streaming down his face, the pain making it hard to focus on what he was saying. He prayed for it to be over, and the thunder that echoed throughout the valley cracked in response. He wanted to be a child again! The selfish thought took hold, and in that moment he wanted to run to his mamma. She would cradle him against her chest and murmur that everything would be all right. Now, he was alone, and it was up to his own strength to overcome the pain, and learn who he would become. It was only when a person took that step into adulthood that they truly missed being a child.

“Sebian Dalca, you shall bring on the end of days! You will damn us all!”

“No! That can’t be my fate. You must have gotten something wrong. Please! Please, tell me it’s not true!”

“It’s what has been written on your back, and there’s no changing it!”

“No, no, no….” he muttered to himself, shaking his head.

Sebastian had been mistaken. He wasn’t strong enough for this, and the panicked thoughts that raced through his head was a perfect example. A perfect example of how weak willed he was. Maybe if he had stayed behind only a few minutes longer…. If only Eugene had been here, if his older brother was here, he-

“However,” the elder bellowed, causing Sebastian’s head to snap up.

The wind stopped howling, and the clouds parted, allowing a bright light to shine inside the circle. It looked as if someone had opened the gates of Heaven themselves, granting everyone to bathe in its heavenly light. An uneasy calmness washed over Sebastian and the pain had subsided to a dull ache, making it tolerable to stand on his own feet. The elder’s face looked gaunt from the strange light.

“You shall show great promise and will live up to your family lineage. You shall save your people from perdition by bringing peace.”

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