War of Worlds

In the beginning there was only Protadons and their magical creatures. In their eyes, everything was perfect until humans and their own animals came into existence. The Watchmaker instructed the Protadons to guide the humans as they matured, hoping they could all live in peace. Yet it would never happen when the overwhelming pride within the Protadons swelled up inside them. They declared in a jealous rage they would not treat the humans as their equals. The humans became the Protadon’s slaves, a horrifying development to their Watchmaker. As a result to their actions, the Watchmaker banished the Protadon’s (and the magical creatures hoping to erase any existence of the Protadons on Earth) to The Prison; an interrelated world to Earth that suppresses a Protadon’s abilities and is much smaller than the rest of the known universe. 

Feeling cast aside by their Watchmaker, the Protadons waged war against humans. The outbreak of war caused both The Prison and the Earth to divide into two sides. One being the Protadons who wanted revenge against humans and the Watchmaker, and the others were humans as well Protadons who didn’t agree with the rest of their kind. The war lasted for centuries, never one side gaining enough ground to be at an advantage. Things would soon grow desperate for the human side, considering that Protadons lived much longer than humans. Soon enough, they would come up with an idea that would win them the war and horrify the enemy. Using the prisoners of war (which comprised Protadons and magical creatures), the humans drained them of their Inua. The powers then were transferred to a group of their strongest fighters. They gave the title Champions to them and became the first line of defense for the rest of the war.  

A few decades went by and the human side pushed the Protadon force back into The Prison thus drawing the war to an end. With the strength the Champions had left, they sealed The Prison as much as possible. Seven gaps remained that served as gates to The Prison and back. Seven of the most trusted Champions (and their descendants) were given a gate to guard until no longer needed. Despite the gaps being under the watchful gaze of the Champions, Protadons still sneaked past and make their way to Earth. There have even been signs of corruption that allow the higher class Protadons to posses so many human valuables. Many historical or influential figures are also the product of Protadon/human relationships due to this.

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