Who Are They?

Protadons are the Watchmaker’s first creations, and once lived alongside mythical creatures on Earth. They have an almost identical appearance to humans except for a few distinguishable traits that differentiate them.


The most prominent thing that distinguishes a Protadon from a human is their connection with a divine source of power known as Inua. Said to come from the Watchmaker himself, it is the soul that can be found in every Protadon, mythical creature, or any living being that has some sort of tie with The Prison. Inua is what makes a Protadon’s eyes silver, and is the cause of them having small ram horns that protrude from their forehead. The horns allow them to form close connections with family, friends and significant others through the Watchmaker’s light and the union of two souls. Whenever one’s Inua completely takes hold (which has only ever been recorded once in the history of the world), the veins in their body turns blue, and the veil between Watchmaker and mortal is ripped apart.

They are a very proud race that believes they are above humans or anyone that isn’t a Protadon. Yet, these sentiments are not justified for the Watchmaker made them just as flawed as humans or any other living being. They can live for hundreds to over a thousand years, but still, manage to have a mental age not exceeding the length of a human lifespan.

With their Inua, Protadons have abilities that would be seen as almost magical. Some of these skills include: sensing another living being’s Inua that is nearby or even beyond considerable distances, cloaking oneself or another (though normally under life-threatening circumstances), slightly enhanced strength and speed, etc.  They have been able to embed their Inua into their machinery and weapons through a special metal known as Moonfite (the perfect and only Inua conductor). With many years or even decades of training, it is possible to shoot out pure “beams” of Inua and look like a total badass!

Law/Society Structure

Society in The Prison is run by a monarchy and divided into strict classes: Vasilias family and descendants of the Originals, Black Aliquid/military members and business owners beneficial to the royal family, Protadons, and finally Humans. Ever since Protadons were first banished to The Prison, the Vasilias royal family has had control of all ways of life. Today’s current royal family is comprised of King Bennar, Queen , Princess , and Prince Hiln (Bennar’s illegitimate son). Hiln is considered heir to the throne, but many outrage at the fact that he is not truly part of the Vasilias family.

Law is dictated by two major parties: the Vasilias royal family and their secret police, the Black Aliquid. The Black Aliquid is a group of highly trained assassins that take care of all crimes in The Prison through ruthless and violent methods that have rendered the general public terrified of them. They are seen cloaked in all black and wearing the Iquid family symbol. When the Black Aliquid was first established, the King chose a man from the Iquid family lineage, and from then on it was customary to have the eldest descendant from the Iquid family lineage to be the leader of the group.


Before the banishment to The Prison, Protadons were highly religious and followed the will and teachings of the Watchmaker. As time went on and the war was coming to an end, Protadons began to lose touch with the Watchmaker and turned to the Vasilias royal family to follow and worship. The King at the time saw the opportunity handed to him, and used the shunning of the Watchmaker as a means of increasing the sense of nationalism and hatred towards the human race. He then succeeded in using the Originals as a means of establishing faith and ensuring other Protadons that there was a sense of rightness that shouldn’t be questioned as to who should take charge.

Exlium is the biggest celebration held in The Prison and is held all throughout the first month of the year. Exlium includes dancing, singing, drinking, fairs, big parades, a Distail tournament, and a grand masquerade ball held on the final day. While it is seen to most as a month to celebrate and rejoice the prosperity of the Vasilias family and Protadons alike, others remain solemn because they chose to remember the month as the day they were banished and lost the war.

For more information on the war see here.

A Protadon’s 250 birthday is very important because it is when they receive their family’s mark in the form of a tattoo on the expanse of their back. As well as the mark, scrawling of riddles depicting important events in their life that will shape them is also present. Certain Protadons have the gift of deciphering the writings, but it is normally the case where he or she is a fake, or the price for their services is too high.

The calendar used in The Prison is divided into fifteen months that are three weeks long, with eight days in a week. The days go in this order: Opus, Puros, Frudos, Hulos, Nundos, Mundos, Curos, and Zundos.

All Protadons speak Protadan, but depending on certain regions they can speak in a specific human dialect. Those with a strong Inua, while never having been taught Protadan can speak and understand it. Protadan is strictly only used in schools and society, but depending on their area of work, some Protadons don’t even learn how to speak.

For naming see here


Distail is the only sport that is played in The Prison and can be played at a casual or professional level. There are two 2 -5 player teams with an objective to throw a mechanical Frisbee disc into the opposing team’s goal, and score as many points as possible before the time runs out. The game itself goes on for three 90 periods, where the total amount of points is calculated at the end to determine a winner.

The goal is depicted as having the shape of an upside-down basketball net, held up by a seven-meter pole, and is thirty-five inches in diameter. The disc itself has three modes: lightweight, normal and severe. Lightweight is used for more casual games, while the normal and sometimes severe mode is used for professional or challenging matches.

While there is no set attire for a casual match of Distail, in a professional level game every player must wear black cargo pants, fitted white tank tops with their team’s symbol on the front, brown leather gloves, and pilot goggles. Pilot goggles must be worn at all times for safety reasons, and because of the technical elements that add to the game. The goggles blind the player’s vision and force them to sense other player’s Inua as well as the net and boundaries of the field. Each player is also given three glass vials that contain a green gas that obscures another player’s vision and makes them feeling sluggish for a short while.

The game while fun in itself, can cause major bodily harm to all players and even onlookers. It is best to proceed with caution and make sure you are wearing the issued goggles for your own protection.

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