Protadon Alphabet, Punctuation (and naming…)

These are the ancient letters of the Prison and is what the Protadons once used to communicate. Now, only a fraction of people can read and understand it. It’s also the lettering shown on a Protadon’s mark.


Most Protadon names have an English counterpart that is often used to insult or make them really angry (depending on the Protadon). If you want to keep them from punching you in the face, I suggest that you keep to calling them by their Protadon name; makes life easier for everyone.

Popular (not all of them) prefixes:  a,  an,  ab,  ac (as),  ant (ante),  ben,  bi,  co (con, com),  de,  di (dis),  eu,  ex,  mal,  il (ir, im, in),  mis,  o (ob, oc, op),  pro,  re,  se,  tri,  un….

Popular (not all of them) suffixes:  ac,  ade,  al,  an (ian),  ard,  ary,  ble,  cy,  dom,  ed,  eer,  emia,  en (ent),  er (ern),  ful,  fy,  ial (ian),  ily,  ion,  ious,  ling,  ly,  oid,  opia,  or,  sect,  sion,  th,  tion,  tude,  ty,  uar (ular),  ure,  ware,  y….

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